In this webinar we are going to take a close look at using anaerobic threshold / FTP for prescribing training intensities. What might be the possible limitations and most common errors in using anaerobic threshold / FTP as the sole performance benchmark? Watch the webinar:


  • The physiological definition of anaerobic threshold

  • Intensity in competition vs. anaerobic threshold …when does it matter?
  • Same relative intensity – same energy supply?! How does the metabolic profile of an athlete effect the energy supply at a certain intensity? Are there differences between athletes?
  • Same relative intensity – same physiological trigger? How does the metabolic profile of an athlete effect the training stimulus at a given intensity?
  • Other metrics to decide on training intensities ?!


Sebastian Weber, coach of 4x time World Time Trial Champion Tony Martin has worked with best athletes and Teams in the sport for more then a decade, including: Peter Sagan, André Greipel, Andrew Talansky, Cannondale, Katusha, Lotto, HTC-Highroad.

Sebastian is a consultant to several organizations, includung the french national swimming federationcycling ireland, Team JUMBO-VISMA, german swimming & speed skating federation,  and numerous private coaching business in europe and the US. He has his roots in coaching amateur and recreational athletes and founded the STAPS coaching & testing business in 2006.

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