As the INSCYD community grows, so does our team. We are happy to welcome track and field sprint expert, Brijesh Lawrence OLY.

Introduction Brijesh Lawrence OLY

Brijesh started running when he was 5, but noticed his Olympic potential when he studied at Doane University. He soon became a 100m & 200m specialist, winning a bronze medal in the 4 x 100 m relay at the World Championships 2011. One year later he qualified for the Olympic Games in London, finishing 13th overall in the 4x100m relay.

In 2014, he added a silver medal to his trophy cabinet in the 4 x 200 m relay at the World Relays 2014 (3rd fastest time ever). In 2016 all the hard work was rewarded again with another participation in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Brijesh Lawrence winning a silver medal in the 4 x 200 m, setting the 3rd fastest time ever (World Relays 2014).

What it takes to be a 100 meter specialist

As a coach or athlete, you might wonder what it takes to become a 100 m and 200 m specialist like Brijesh. Did he have a high VLamax? What about running economy? Any lactate values?

Brijesh: “We never really got into testing in terms of VLamax and VO2max . Lactate testing was not something athletes and coaches worked with. Maybe I was able to perform a lot better when we did, maybe I did not reach my highest potential. Education is probably the issue here. College teams, coaches, athletes, they are simply not familiar with the possibilities.”

And that is exactly what Brijesh is going to improve.

Time to give back to sports

Brijesh: “I want to elevate the sport of track and field running. In my opinion, elevating sports comes with performances, since that is what people want to see. With INSCYD, I want to enable coaches to find that missing piece in training, to understand what is going on in the athletes body, to look under the hood of the athlete and get the best out of them. This can be about details, but hey, track and field running is about milliseconds.”

Brijesh’ main focus will be on developing INSCYD in track & field sports. Do you want to know more or get in touch with Brijesh? Click on the button below!