How to take blood samples for lactate testing

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Lactate tests are a very common way to understand more about the energy systems of an athlete. But what steps do you need to take to get clean lactate data? Let’s find out! Fill in the form and start the free e-course!

Topics we cover:

  • Should you use a finger prick or an earlobe prick to take blood samples for lactate testing? What are the pros and cons.
  • How can you increase blood flow when it’s restricted, for example because of cold climate?
  • Which lancets should you use for lactate sampling? And how should you open the lancet package?
  • Where should you prick? And how should you prick?
  • How do you make sure your sampling surface is clean?
  • How to actually take a lactate sample?
  • What not to do, like squeezing.
  • How to stop the bleeding.

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