What is INSCYD Athletic Performance Software?

  • INSCYD is the most advanced tool to analyze and plan endurance performance in athletes.
  • INSCYD is a holistic tool, enabling innovative performance diagnostics to create a granular analysis of the physiology of an athlete and therefore the creation of highly individual and laser focused training programs.
  • With INSCYD, you gain access to metrics that otherwise only elite trainers and high-end institutes have access to – such as the only accurate VLamax on the market.

Collect Data of

INSCYD works in any sport, with its flexible testing protocol you can merge field- and lab data and it adapts to any training and or competition scenario. It also massively reduces the time for testing athletes, because the tool only needs a small amount of data to calculate a large number of physiological metrics using innovative algorithms.

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“INSCYD looks inside the muscle and body in order to understand what’s happening based on a very limited number of measurements.“
Prof. Dr. Ferran Rodriguez
University of Barcelona INEFC
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Create A Metabolic Profile

The INSCYD Performance Test allows you to granuarly analyze and plan endurance performance in athletes by creating a full metabolic performance profile of an athlete including the only scientifically validated measurement of glycolytic power (= VLamax) on the market.

“You really know what you need to work on if you know your VLamax.“
Dan Lorang
Coach of Jan Frodeno
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Predict Performance

With INSCYD’s Virtual Performance Center you can create a virtual athlete to maximize the athlete‘s potential, accurately predict future performances with informed decisions on what to work on in training and manage physiological capacities of their choice.

“INSCYD is like a compass that guides us in the dark.“
Marco Pinotti
Performance Coach - Team BikeExchange
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Better Training Programs

INSCYD displays all important endurance metrics of an athlete, in steady state condition, in relation to the intensity, for example speed or power. This gives a full picture of the athlete’s physical capacities and allows to create individual training zones based on the actual individual physiology and the specific goals of training of an athlete.

“INSCYD helps me the most before the major training periods because we want to make sure that we make the best possible training program.“
Mathieu Heijboer
Head Coach Team JUMBO-VISMA