This webinar will teach you how to use a holistic approach, utilising biomechanics, aerodynamics, training and nutrition to tremendously increase the performance of a triathlete in no time. 

Learn how to use real world biomechanical analysis, nutrition strategies and efficient training programs to maximize value of your coaching and bike fitting service.

High Performance Expert leaves no stone unturned to shave off more than 1h of the IRONMAN time of an amateur triathlete. 

In this webinar you will learn how motion analysis and aerodynamics can be used to increase efficiency and speed on the bike. We will disclose how to use metabolic profiling and nutrition strategies to increase the physiologic performance of an athlete and create laser focused pacing and fueling strategies.


  • Biomechanics: using real world motion analysis for bike fitting
  • Aerodynamics: go beyond conventional bike fitting to increase speed for a given power
  • Physiology: create a 360° metabolic profile of your athlete & identify performance limiters
  • Nutrition: tweak nutrition to training and come up with a fueling plan for race days
  • Training: create efficient training programs to work on performance limiting factors

The Presenter

Benito Flores – High Performance Expert – Sportsmetrics

Benito holds Master of Science in Biomechanics & Sports Nutrition. He is not only an experienced endurance athlete and former elite level soccer player, but also a very successful. Within his laboratory named Sportsmetrics, Benito utilizes the latest technology to analyze and increase the performance of his athletes. This includes: sweat analysis, metabolic profiling and bike fitting incl. Pressure mapping and 3D motion analysis.