INSCYD Functions

Training & Race Data Instead of Test Sessions

Any sport - Anytime - Anywhere

With INSCYD you can now combine two attributes that seemed incompatible: specific testing and comparable results. INSCYD allows you to test your athletes either in a lab or on field with a defined testing protocol. Yet, you can also test your athletes in a certain scenario like training, race-like conditions or even at a race. Test your 200m freestyle swimmer in a 200m training session ahead of a race, test your 800m runner in an 800m run and the cyclist on that specific climb he needs to perform on. Then compare the results of these tests to previous test data and no matter what the protocol was.

Stop worrying about protocols - Start to measure what you really care about

  • INSCYD normalizes the data tests for time, distance and speed or power. All of your results are comparable, no matter how or where you ran the tests.
  • Analyze and compare historical performance data of your athlete – even though various different testing protocols were used.
  • Don’t sacrifice training for testing: obtain data during training sessions. With INSCYD you can now use any interval training session, or even a competition, to run the same performance analysis as you would get from designated test sessions.
  • Precisely measure the effect of equipment on the performance of your athlete: road bike versus time trial bike, triathlon suit versus wetsuit, heavy versus light running shoes – with INSCYD you can tell the precise difference of any performance.