Olympian and former professional triathlete, Jean-Christophe Guinchard, shares his 35 years of experience in coaching. He is the co-founder of JC Sports Coaching and a member of Sansego Tri club, a group of high-level coaches working together to provide the best for athletes. Today, he coaches 42 athletes, including triathletes and trail runners, and is thrilled with the evolution of training and coaching.

Jean-Christophe Guinchard, an accomplished INSCYD user, alongside his dedicated athlete, Patricia.
IMAGE: Jean-Christophe Guinchard, an accomplished INSCYD user, alongside his dedicated athlete, Patricia.

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The challenge coaches need to face

Jean-Chrisopthe is very clear about the current level of coaches. He notices that the expectations of athletes are increasing rapidly, and many coaches are not able to provide the answers necessary:

“Too many coaches do not have the experience and knowledge to be able to take their job seriously. That enabled us to differentiate ourselves by demonstrating that our process is extremely professional. With INSCYD we have the tools to do so.”
co-founder of JC Sports Coaching

When asked how the future coaching business looks like, he continuous:

“The most professional coaches will survive and continue to make a living, the others will simply have to do something else. Understanding and applying INSCYD is a big advantage in this game.”

His response to those who do not believe in the current revolution of data and technology implementation in sports coaching?

“As in everyday life, there will always be people who say that it's not very useful, but these people do not master the training process at all.”

The solution: how to stay ahead?

Jean-Christophe noticed early on that athletes are more data driven than ever. They want to understand their current fitness profile and see what needs to be done to improve it.

The INSCYD software helps to answer these questions. In fact, Jean-Christophe mentions that he doesn’t need to reach out to athletes for marketing, instead, athletes come to him asking for a detailed metabolic report.

Athletes appreciate the professionalism of the INSCYD test and the data they receive. Most importantly, it makes the work of the coach much easier, since it can now be based on objective data.

Implementation: coaching athletes towards Ironman Hawaii

Jean-Christophe Guinchard, an accomplished INSCYD user, alongside his dedicated athlete, Patricia.

But how did all of this help Jean-Christophe to make 8 athletes qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii? He uses INSCYD to build workouts that are highly specific to each athlete. INSCYD features he uses:

  1. The highly individual training zones that go well beyond a percentage of FTP
  2. Performance metrics, otherwise unknown, like VLamax
  3. The Lactate recovery & accumulation graph, that predicts fatigue and recovery time during interval training
  4. The Fat & carbohydrate combustion data

With this approach, he is able to be much more precise in describing training programs. Often that means that age groupers need to work on increasing their VO2max and FatMax. Additionally almost all triathletes start racing faster immediately, because the data clearly shows that they should consume more carbohydrates, based on their carb combustion.

Now, when Jean-Christophe’s athletes follow the training- and nutrition program, they progress from test to test, and more importantly: from competition to competition.

With INSCYD, you can gain access to a detailed metabolic report that offers insights beyond traditional metrics. Our software provides highly individual training zones that go well beyond a percentage of FTP, performance metrics like VLamax, a lactate recovery & accumulation graph that predicts fatigue and recovery time, and fat & carbohydrate combustion data. 

These features allow you to tailor your training programs with precision and understand your athlete’s current fitness profile in depth. Don’t wait, book free demo to see INSCYD in action and ask any questions you have. We will share our expert advice and show how you can implement a data-driven training approach to achieve faster athlete results that will boost your business. Experience the INSCYD advantage. Book your free demo!

The results: a success story

With his data-driven coaching approach, athletes are successful and happy. They share their race and test results on social media, which increases word of mouth. Additionally, Jean-Christophe noticed that he has been taken much more seriously since he uses the INSCYD data:

“It confirms that I master the training data to make athletes progress. I have several success stories to tell, but Patricia’s story is a very special one"
co-founder of JC Sports Coaching

Final advice to coaches and athletes

Jean-Christophe remembers that before he started working with INSCYD, he took failure very personally. With INSCYD he now knows exactly what an athlete needs to work on. He can also demonstrate what will happen if the athlete does not follow the training strategy. This brings calm confidence to a coach and athlete.

Paradoxically, the data brings confidence, and therefore allows for more humour, empathy and a holistic approach.

To athletes Jean-Christiphe would like to say:

“I highly recommend athletes to surround themselves with professional coaches who know the job and work with the right tools and technologies. But keep in mind: the coach is there to give the keys, but it’s up to you to open the door.”
co-founder of JC Sports Coaching

Jean-Christophe Guinchard, an Olympian and professional triathlete, has leveraged the power of INSCYD to transform his coaching approach and help his athletes reach their goals. With INSCYD, he has been able to provide highly individualized training programs based on detailed metabolic reports, including unique features such as VLamax, lactate recovery & accumulation graphs, and fat & carbohydrate combustion data.

This data-driven approach has not only improved his athletes’ performance but also boosted his coaching business. Now, it’s your turn to experience the INSCYD advantage. Don’t wait, schedule a demo today to see INSCYD in action, ask any questions you have, and learn how you can implement this revolutionary approach in your coaching. Join the revolution in sports coaching with INSCYD. Schedule your free demo!

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