Salenstein, Switzerland. September 26th. INSCYD — the world’s most advanced software for performance analysis — has signed a three -year contract with the Pro Continental cycling team Corendon-Circus ahead of the next cycling seasons. INSCYD will provide the team with its cutting-edge technology for performance analysis.

The team’s Performance Manager Kristof De Kegel — who has been following the preparation of the all-round superstar Mathieu Van Der Poel — has been testing INSCYD for the last two years and since its early development. After having joined Corendon-Circus in 2018 and a further year of testing of INSCYD technology with Van Der Poel, he was keen to adopt the software for the whole team’s benefit.

INSCYD gives us a very good idea on the physical composition of our athletes is in a particular moment of the season”, says De Kegel. “At Corendon-Circus we work with athletes active in three different disciplines (road racing, mountain bike and cyclocross) and some of them combine at least two of them. The physical requirements for each discipline are quite different and that is why it’s very important to have an insight of their power composition during the different times of the season.”

For athletes of the likes of Van Der Poel, where the season normally start with cyclocross, then switch to the Classics and then to mountain biking, having a constant update on their physical parameters throughout the season, after the main races and before a new block is vital to plan their training plan ahead of a new block of training on a different bike.

“We use the INSCYD tests to know exactly where the athlete is at that moment from a metabolic point of view and what we need to do to prepare, adapt and achieve goals that are completely different from one another,” says De Kegel. “If, at the end of one discipline block you know exactly where you are with that athlete, then you can start thinking at the next discipline block with more reliable information.”

With INSCYD the team will be able to benchmark their athletes when and where it will suit best for their season goals, but the software data will also give them the possibility of “transforming their body depending on the discipline and kind of effort,” says De Kegel. “This is the real challenge for our team: with a guy like Van Der Poel who combines different disciplines at a high level, we have to transform his body physically from high-intensity efforts of 1 hour to 1 hour and 40 minutes during the cyclocross season, to very long Classic riding (where he needs endurance and a final punch as well), and then again to mountain biking riding where he needs the very high end power. That transformation is the real challenge for us, but the extra information from INSCYD gives us all the tools we need to do perform it during the season. That is why we are very happy to be able to use INSCYD and having a partnership for next season.”

Sebastian Weber, Project Leader of INSCYD, says that “it’s great to have the whole team onboard after having worked with Kristof De Kegel and Mathieu Van Der Poel ahead of their success in the 2019 Amstel Gold Race. To have a team like Corendon-Circus as a partner is very important for us because we can be both part of their success, but we can also develop even more in the future through their feedback and cooperation.”

ABOUT CORENDON-CIRCUS. Team Corendon-Circus is a UCI Professional Continental cycling team based in Belgium and its athletes are active in road racing, mountain biking and cyclocross. In its roster they also line-up the cycling superstar Mathieu Van Der Poel, who is winning at the highest level in all three disciplines.