Salenstein, Switzerland. June 3rd 2020 . INSCYD and Belgian Cycling have just signed four-year cooperation agreement. This partnership includes all divisions of the national cycling association, i.e., INSCYD will support the disciplines road cycling, mountain biking, cyclocross, BMX and track cycling in their pursuit of maximum performance.

Expert education for coaches

After a several months long pilot project phase, during which the Belgian federation tested INSCYD, all coaches of Belgian Cycling will now be working with the unique INSCYD software to test and evaluate their athletes’ performance and to monitor and plan their progress the most accurate and hands-on way possible. To use INSCYD to full extent, all coaches will get an expert training on the subject via INSCYD college education and 1:1 consultancy.


“With this partnership, we take another step into the process to aim for the best support our athletes can get. We noticed that a lot of the rider’s personal coaches worked with INSCYD already, so last year we started a pilot phase in the federation to get to know the software better. This trial period showed us that INSCYD is another piece of the puzzle in the performance support of the riders, so we are really excited about this partnership!” says Frederik Broché, Technical Director of Belgian Cycling.

Flexible ways of data usage

INSCYD software has several benefits to work with, an important one being the fact that the software allows for coaches to work together across the country and across borders as they can share and evaluate data jointly. It is furthermore possible for the head coach to view the data of all athletes of Belgian Cycling whereas division coaches work with their respective athletes’ data only.

Top-level accuracy validated

By merging field data and lab data, INSCYD’s new and unique Power-Performance Decoder feature enables Belgian Cycling coaches to see how they belong together and how they are to be looked at as a unit. This way, they get a precise 360-degree performance profile of the respective athlete – event without him or her having to be on site for a lab test. Top-level accuracy guaranteed – created from and based on over 150 studies: optimal prerequisites to plan and monitor the athlete’s individual training to make sure performance is on point when it counts.


“We are excited that coaches and athletes of the Belgian Federation will use INSCYD to prepare the next two Olympic games.”, says INSCYD’s project leader Sebastian Weber.


Founded in 2015, INSCYD is the leading scientific software, used by top cycling, triathlon, swim, speed skating, and rowing teams/federations and coaches. INSCYD has been called the ‘perfect solution to understand how training affects the adaption of specific physiological systems’ by Dennis Sandig of German Triathlon Federation. INSCYD offers coaches and lab owners software for power testing, lactate testing and lab testing (metabolic cart).