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Anaerobic Threshold (MLSS)

Knowing your threshold power simply isn't good enough! Only if you understand WHY it is what it is, you can effectively change it!

The anaerobic threshold of multiple world time-trial champion Tony Martin is well above 400 Watts. Yours might be only a fraction of this power. But why? What is physiologically different between you and Tony Martin? Which physiological system function differently from yours to enable that power? And what do you need to do in training to reduce this gap? With INSCYD, you can now find out…

Prof Dr Rodriguez – INEFC – Barcelona, on the doubtless detection of the anaerobic threshold.

Worlds most accurate measurement of world's most wanted performance metric

  • INSCYD detects anaerobic threshold as per scientific definition: the max intensity at which lactate combustion matches lactate production.
  • Detection of anaerobic threshold is by default included in every analysis with INSCYD.
  • Composition of the anaerobic threshold: body composition, aerobic capacity, lactate production. You can now see why the threshold is what it is and what you need to do to change it.
  • INSCYD offers the only detection of anaerobic threshold which has been specifically validated in women – no other lactate or FTP test does this.