INSCYD Functions

Lactate Testing

Go beyond the old school way of lactate testing

Conventional lactate testing has not improved in the past 40 years. With INSCYD, though, you can finally understand the complete underlying physiology of your athlete and create a holistic performance profile of any athlete. And only through a lactate measurement!

With INSCYD lactate testing you can:

    • Access the full set of metrics available through our software.
    • Test anywhere: in the lab or in the field. INSCYD adapts to both conditions
    • Test specifically: test your athletes in their race condition: on a climb, after a 200m freestyle time trial, or after a 800m flat-out run.
    • Add VO2 measurements if you want to. INSCYD takes data from any sport.
    • Enter the data into INSCYD and instantly receive the complete performance profile of your athlete.
    • Directly compare lactate tests of different protocols, and even when you have two data sets that shows different durations and intensities.

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INSCYD gives you access to performance metrics that were only accessible to a few elite coaches or sport labs.

  • Reduce testing time: now you can obtain all the metrics you need (and demanded several lab visits) in only 45 minutes.
  • Highest accuracy: with a simple lactate test you will get the same accuracy of the most sophisticated scientific methods.
  • Group testing: with INSCYD you can test a whole team of 8 athletes in less than 60 minutes.
  • Test where it matters: now you can obtain reliable and comparable data from regular training sessions or even races.

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