INSCYD Metrics

Energetic Contribution

The Composition of power output

Monitoring athletes performance isn’t simple. Measuring the overall outcome – speed or power only – won’t tell you how the athlete achieved this feat. Observing the same speed or power on two occasions doesn’t mean that any changes have not occurred. There are three ways to produce power:

  1. Aerobic
  2. Glycolytic
  3. Creatine phosphate


Energy contribution Tour de France sprint

Same Training - different TRIGGERS

Adaptations are not only specific to the workouts you prescribe, but also to the type of athlete. Two different athletes – with different metabolic profiles – can react completely differently to the same training stimulus. INSCYD helps you understand why.

  • Visualize the sources of energy – understand which energy system is triggered in the prescribed workout.
  • Create a library of training workouts and analyze which energy system is triggered before prescribing it to an athlete.
  • Understand the energy demand of the most important competitions.
  • Develop tailored training regimes to trigger the needed adaptation in your athletes.