Whether you are an athlete, a coach, a national federation or a lab: starting to use INSCYD is easy and affordable. In this blog we briefly sum up what is necessary to join INSCYD. You are an athlete? Read how you can schedule your first INSCYD test! You are a coach or lab? Read what equipment is necessary to start testing (spoiler alert: very little).

You probably noticed that the best athletes, coaches and federations in the world use INSCYD.  We are very proud of that! INSCYD is designed for all levels of sport and we are here to help all athletes, coaches and labs. Select your button and read how you can get started!

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How athletes can start using INSCYD

Athletes like Mathieu van der Poel, Lionel Sanders, Wout van Aert and Primož Roglič use INSCYD, and so can you! Let’s take a look at how!

"Thanks to INSCYD, my trainer and I always know where I currently stand and where I can improve my performance."
Wout van Aert
Wout van Aert
Professional Cyclist

If you’re an athlete who wants to discover what’s happening inside your muscles – by getting to know all the performance metrics – you need to do an INSCYD test. You can do so by finding a coach or lab that uses INSCYD. You can easily find all INSCYD coaches and professionals here. The good news is that if you are an endurance athlete in running, cycling or triathlon, there is a remote testing version. This means that you can literally choose any INSCYD coach from anywhere in the world, since the test can be done without physically meeting the coach.

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In case you already work with a coach or go to a lab that does not use INSCYD yet, feel free to tell them about us, for instance by sharing this article. Here they can read what they need, to start using INSCYD.

How coaches can start using INSCYD

Coaches like Mathieu Heijboer (head of performance Team Jumbo Visma), Patxi Villa (head of performance Team Movistar), Alexander Törpel, PhD (head of diagnostics, German Swimming Federation) Dan Lorang (coach of Jan Frodeno), and many more use INSCYD, but how can you?

"INSCYD enables us to take real-world data from testing & training. This saves us time and effort, and refines the quality of our job“
Patxi Vila Head of performance Movistar Team
Patxi Villa
Head of performance Movistar Team

If you’re a coach who wants to have look under the hood of your athlete’s engine – by getting to know all the performance metrics – then you should start using INSCYD! Here are 2 options:

1. Power-only tests for cyclists and runners

The so-called Power-Performance Decoder is by far the easiest option. No lactate measurements required, no spiroergomety necessary, but still: no loss of quality and quantity of data!

If you’re already coaching cyclists who use a power meter, the only thing you really need to have is a computer. Your athletes can carry out the INSCYD tests remotely: outdoors or indoors on a turbo trainer. You receive the power results from the athlete and upload them on INSCYD, we generate the full metabolic profile report. Watch how Fast Talk Labs work with our PPD cycling:

If you are already coaching runners who use a GPS watch, again, the only thing you need to have is a computer. Your runner performs the INSCYD test, you receive the GPS data and upload them to INSCYD, to generate the full metabolic profile report – in a few minutes. Just like the cycling test, this runner protocol can be done remotely (!).

Running INSCYD Power Performance Decoder that only uses GPS data
Runners only need a GPS watch for the INSCYD PPD Running test

Contrary to the lactate test – which we are going to talk about next – the Power-Performance Decoder is carried out with a strict protocol. This protocol is provided by INSCYD and needs to be followed. It includes several intervals, ranging from a short sprint to longer durations.

If you also want information about the utilization of the anaerobic power of an athlete and buffering capacity, choose the lactate test. These are the only extra metrics you will get with a lactate test, compared to the PPD.

Consider becoming an INSCYD coach? Schedule a demo so we can answer all your questions and get started.

2. Lactate tests for all athletes

Cycling- and running coaches have the luxury to choose between the Power-Performance Decoder and/or the lactate test. If, on the other hand, you are a swim coach (or a coach of any other sport) you need to do a lactate test. That means you need a lactate analyzer (table top lab version or a simple handheld device – starting at approx. $250), lactate strips and a stopwatch.

Athlete runner and coach performing a field test which includes measering blood lactate at earlobe
INSCYD lactate testing

With this setup, you decide where to test (e.g., indoors, outdoors, …) plus you can decide which protocol you want to use. Of course, we can provide you with our own protocol, but you are free to change the protocol and adapt it to your needs (race demands, training scenarios, etc.).

How labs can start using INSCYD

If you own or work at a lab, you probably already invested in equipment. Let INSCYD help you to maximize the value of the equipment you already have! In fact, most lab users leverage the equipment they have with INSCYD. No need to buy more equipment, before being able to use INSCYD.

For example, if you have a VO2 analyzer, you can use it and add the results in INSCYD. Especially in running and free motion sports, this will give you the most comprehensive and accurate measurement of the running and swimming economy. It should therefore be no surprise that Stanford University has chosen INSCYD to test running economy in scientific research projects.

Consider using INSCYD? Schedule a demo so we can answer all your questions and get started.

Athletes can click on the button to find an INSCYD coach and perform a test. Coaches and labs can schedule a free demo to find out how you can use INSCYD for your athletes and for your business.

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