INSCYD is known for its partnerships with national federations and professional teams. However, small-scale (one-man) coaching businesses and their amateur athletes can also significantly benefit from INSCYD. This article covers common reasons why (part-time) coaches are hesitant, but extremely successful once they start using INSCYD.

Consider a typical athlete who trains slightly more than 5 hours per week but never more than 10 hours. This athlete could be a weekend warrior or someone who can only spend 2 hours per training, 3 times per week. They juggle a busy work and family life, yet maintain a competitive edge, possibly participating in races a few times per year. Despite this, fun and fitness remain equally important.

Would this athlete benefit from INSCYD? Let’s delve deeper.

The Misconception: My Athlete Trains Too Little to Benefit from Data

Coaches often express this concern:

“My athlete(s) only trains 5-10 hours a week. They should just go out and enjoy, not worry about data. Anything they do will make them better.”

Such a viewpoint could be interpreted as not taking the athlete seriously. If your athlete is paying you for coaching services, they desire, deserve, and expect this level of data.

"With INSCYD I was able to show my athlete that we need a different training approach"
Erju Zhang
Erju Zhang
INSCYD coach

If an athlete doesn’t have the luxury of training more than 10 hours a week, it becomes even more crucial to use that time effectively. A metabolic profile combined with a specific goal pinpoints exactly what to work on during the limited training hours.

Having an efficient plan improves athlete satisfaction and boosts their motivation. With INSCYD, you get a snapshot of the current metabolic profile of your athlete and a future performance prediction. This is like a carrot dangling in front of your athlete.

"Performance Projection helps to show athletes how our approach in training will affect performance."
Luke Derksen - Head of Performance

The Misunderstanding: My Athlete is Not Interested in This Data

Most coaches acknowledge that time-restricted athletes can benefit as much from a structured training plan as athletes with more available time. However, some coaches express concerns such as:

“My athlete is not interested in the data. He doesn’t like testing and probably wouldn’t understand the data anyway.”

This could be the case. Not all athletes are data-oriented. However, the primary purpose of performing a metabolic test is not to inform the athlete, but to equip you as a coach to create highly individual and time-efficient training programs. Most athletes are interested in exactly that! Remember, the athlete hired you to be the expert. They expect you to possess and utilize this knowledge.

"With the INSCYD metrics, we can perfectly explain the things we want to improve in training, to reach a better performance. Being able to show this to your athlete in a clear INSCYD report builds trust."
Olympic mountain biking coach Filip François

In other words, our example athlete doesn’t need to be interested in or understand the data. As a coach, you have the power to explain the data to your athletes, thereby solidifying your value and benefit to them.

You are in the role of an expert. Athletes expect you to know what’s best for them. Instead of asking “what do you want?”, an expert would say, “I suggest we do this, because…”. With INSCYD, you have the data to substantiate your advice.


Frequently, athletes who initially showed no interest in the data become curious, providing another opportunity for you to exhibit your expertise and explain the data in a way that your athlete comprehends. If you succeed in doing this, you secure a loyal client and fan for life.

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Learn more about why the best coaches use metabolic testing, whether they are working with professional or amateur athletes.

The Hesitation: I Don’t Have Time to Implement the Data

“I fear using INSCYD will consume more of my time when creating training plans. I simply don’t have the time. I can develop a plan based on heart rate or FTP data more quickly.”

Although experience shows that INSCYD actually saves time, let’s assume for argument’s sake that INSCYD does require a bit of extra time initially, compared to your current workflow.

When you refer to “time,” you’re likely also considering financial aspects. It doesn’t make business sense to spend more time while earning the same amount. However, a survey of over 1000 athletes revealed that:


“The potential return on investment for using INSCYD can be significant, both in terms of athletic performance and financial gains. It has attracted new clients who are seeking a higher level of precision in their training. These athletes appreciate the comprehensive insights, which has led to more word-of-mouth referrals.”
INSCYD coach & FOUNDER The Coaching Philosophy (TCP)

In other words: even if you need to spend a little extra time, which often is not the case, you will also earn more money. For instance, by offering an upsell to your current service.

INSCYD allows you to cater to your athletes’ needs, increase your earnings, and stay ahead of innovations like AI and ChatGPT by elevating your expert status.

The Concern: I’m Just a (Part-Time) Coach

Yes, INSCYD is famous for collaborating with National federations such as the German Triathlon Federation and professional teams like the Alpecin-Deceuninck. However, that doesn’t mean that all coaching businesses can’t benefit from using INSCYD.

You don’t even need to invest in any equipment. With the INSCYD Power-Performance Decoder you can test athletes, using their own power meter (cycling) or GPS watch (running). Here’s how:

"Using INSCYD PPD, I could clearly see his strengths and limitations.”
Sparks into Life cycle coaching - Mark Turnbull

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