From 7-Eleven to Motorola to Saturn to INSCYD. Norman Alvis – retired Pro, multi-national champion and world record holder – has turned INSCYD to go beyond…

Norman Alvis Motorola
Norman Alvis at Motorola (1994) vs Norman Alvis now

Norman lives in Colorado Springs where he set a US Hour Record late in his pro career, 1997. The distance he rode then, 51.505 km, remains un-bested by any pro, amateur or master for an outdoor hour record. Here’s a plot shift though: at age 59 with advances in technology like INSCYD he believes he can go beyond that distance!

About Norman Alvis

Having raced across 6 decades from the 1970s to the 2020s Norman knows firsthand the hard work and consistency it takes to get fitter, faster and stronger. What has changed tremendously is the science behind the training. This is where INSCYD will provide valuable info on his training data and what performance changes are needed.

Advances in cycling technology fuels his fascination with the Hour Record. It is the astounding performances of Wout van Aert in last year’s Tour in time trials, mountains, and sprints though, that piqued his interest. He decided to get the INSCYD scoop!

Norman has teamed up with Beyond Category Coaching based in Denver, CO USA. Head coach Frank Pike uses INSCYD with his athletes to make them fitter, faster, and stronger in the least amount of time.

Results of the INSCYD test back in April:


Knowing metabolic capacities takes all the guesswork out of what energy system and what capacities need training. INSCYD enables training to be accurate and reliable, precisely identifying limiters and strengths. Testing and re-testing to see performance improvement is crucial for an athlete’s success. Here are some of the metabolic capacities Frank uses for the race:

  • Lactate accumulation and recovery graph. This graph tells you exactly how fast an athlete accumulates and recovers from fatigue. This will eventually determine the pacing plan.
  • Energy contribution from aerobic (VO2max) energy system. “The more the better”.
  • Energy contribution from anaerobic (VLamax) energy system. Generates a lot of energy in a short amount of time (good!) but can cause lactate to accumulate, which indicates fatigue (not so good..)
Lactate: recovery & accumulation
Example of the Lactate: recovery & accumulation chart, showing how fast an athlete can recover from a lactate buildup below AT (grey) and how fast he/she accumulates lactate above AT (purple).

And here are some of the metabolic capacities Frank uses for training:

Fat & carbohydrate combustion graph
Example of the Fat & carbohydrate combustion chart, showing how much fat (green) and carbohydrates (red) are burned at any exercise intensity. Included are the FatMax zone (vertical) and the max carbohydrate intake range between 60-90 grams per hour (horizontal).

Wrap up

You are invited to follow Norman along his journey leading up to August. Stay tuned and look for more updates on his training that will include specifics on training plans, how INSCYD influences specific workouts and how his capacities are improving.

While INSCYD is used by many professional athletes, teams like Alpecin-Fenix and sports federations like the French swimming federation, it is the same testing and data that is available to amateur athletes like Norman and all of you reading this article. Use this link to find an INSCYD coach and contact a local certified coach to become an INSCYDER and dial in your training!

Frank Pike
About Frank Pike

Frank Pike is the owner and head coach at Beyond Category Coaching - a company that was born out of a passion for cycling and the desire to help athletes - from absolute beginners to elite athletes - reach their goals and discover their own potential. Frank holds certifications from USA cycling as a level 2 advanced coach and has coached multiple state champions, national podium finisher in Great Britain and the 2021 men's overall winner of RAAM (Race Across America) which is known as the world's toughest non stop bike race covering over 3,000 miles. Learn more about Frank and his Beyond Category Coaching business via: