INSCYD Metrics

Fat Combustion

Maximize Fat Reliance - Maximize Performance

INSCYD detects the individual fat combustion rates with every performance analysis. Now you can create strategies to increase energy expenditure from fat, thereby enhancing athlete performance. 

Start measuring fat combustion and utilizing your FatMax Zone with INSCYD:

  • INSCYD analysis mimics the accuracy of the most respected scientific methods of measuring fat combustion rates.
  • Fat combustion rates are highly individual metrics.
  • Significant differences are observed both between different athletes, and between different states of training in those athletes.

Make fat combustion part of your training tools - use the 'FatMax Zone'.

Assess fat combustion where it matters – on the field, in the pool, on the road!
Knowing the FatMax Zone allows your athlete to train fat combustion more efficiently.
Add nutritional advice to your training programs to raise FatMax even higher.
Consistent tracking allows to monitor the success of your training and nutrition regimes.