Mathieu Heijboer – Head of Performance at World Tour Cycling Team Jumbo-Visma is presenting on how he used INSCYD metabolic profiling to coach his athletes in the most successful campaign of the team – 2019.

Mathieu shows example test protocols his team uses along with example results. He then dives into how he uses the results to create training programs. This includes insights into the specific trainings for GC riders and Sprinters, as well es preferred training methods to target specific adaptation in energy metabolism such as an increase or reduction of glycolytic power (VLamax).

The Presenter

Mathieu Heijboer is the Head of Performance at World Tour Cycling Team Jumbo-Visma. He is not only a former professional rider but also long time coach.

Mathieu leads a group of coaches, sport scientists and nutritional experts within the team. He oversees all performance relevant tasks in the team. JUMBO-VISM race results speak for themselves and are another proof of the great work of Mathieu.