INSCYD Functions

Performance Tracking

Three rules for valuable performance monitoring

  • Measuring regularly: With INSCYD, there is no more need for a specific testing session. You can run a designated lab or field test on your athlete, but you can also capture the needed metrics with any training session (or race). Increase the frequency of testing, without the need to sacrifice valuable training time.
  • Measure accurately: INSCYD’s algorithms have been validated by numerous scientific studies, proving that the accuracy of the software is en par with the highest standard in lab testing. But with INSCYD you will increase the meaning of your data even more: now you can measure your athletes’ performances where it matters: on the field, on the road, in the pool.
  • Measure comprehensive: Get the whole picture of your athletes’ performances by obtaining all the relevant metrics every time you test. Instead of doing a designated test for each parameter of performance you are interested in, now you get them all in only one test session. This allows you to understand the interaction of the individual metrics and their impact on the overall performance.

Understanding adaptation

Linking a specific training regime to a specific performance outcome is tricky. The impact of various training techniques can interfere with one another, making it almost impossible to see the real effects of a single method. Nowadays, it is easier to closely monitor training: power meters, GPS trackers, data loggers, and so on have made the work faster. But these tools only tell you how training was carried out, and not what adaptation it has triggered. Start comparing the documented training (input) with a complete picture of your athletes’ performances (output). INSCYD enables you to break down the overall performanceof your athlete into individual components. Monitoring and assessing each metric separately will allow you to understand precisely which adaptation the prescribed training triggered