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HOW INSCYD helps you to improve your performance as a team or federation

With INSCYD it is possible to train where you want, when you want without having to stick to a fixed protocol

With INSCYD you understand the physiology of your athletes in different situations

INSCYD offers a cloud-based Multi User Management, to include all your team members, coaches, physicians and many more.

The possibilities INSCYD offers you will change
your skills and set you apart from the competition.


With INSCYD you can merge field- and lab data and you do not have to stick to a specific testing protocol in order to be able to compare results. Just adapt the protocol to your needs, to a race or training situation or to a specific simulation of a competition – AND still be able to compare results. INSCYD also allows for lab grade accuracy without a lab. Have your athletes test themselves, by themselves.

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“Being able to take real-world data from testing & training and turn it into measurements which paint a picture you’d often be able to obtain only through specific lab tests saves us time and effort, and refines the quality of our job.”
Ptaxi Villa
Head of performance Movistar Team
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Performance Projection

Take the guesswork out of your training programs – with INSCYD you know the output and can accurately predict future performances before the training even starts.
INSCYD can also quantify the gains for specific performance benchmarks for example what it takes to run a sub-2h marathon or break the cycling hour record.
“In contrast to conventional testing methods in swimming, INSCYD enables us to precisely capture key performance metrics of the energy metabolism of our athletes.“
Dr. Alexander Törpel
Head of Diagnostics, German Swimming Federation

Load Analysis

INSCYD Load Analysis allows you to understand the relative load of an athlete in training and competition – relative to their peers. Interactively apply cross filter functions to understand specific intensity domains and analyze crucial periods of a competition. Visualize who in the team worked the hardest and who preserved precious energy

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“INSCYD looks inside the muscle and body in order to understand what’s happening based on a very limited number of measurements.“
Prof. Dr. Ferran Rodriguez
University of Barcelona INEFC
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Team Management

Compare data sets of different teams and athletes at different occasions and visualize the tiny differences between a winning and a losing performance.
Forget non-matching data gathered from different testing protocols. With INSCYD you have all the data in the same place, accessible at any time from everywhere in the world.
“I am convinced by the effectiveness of INSCYD to improve performance – it has proven to be a very powerful tool for us.”
Dr. Philippe Hellard
Head of research department French Swimming Federation

The possibilities INSCYD offers you will change
your skills and set you apart from the competition.


How INSCYD develops and validates new technology: a look behind the scenes

We believe that our users and partners earn the right to know accurate data. This includes being able to share important information about the accuracy and tolerance of the data we provide. This also includes how – for example - the tolerances of the hardware they use effect the results calculated by INSCYD.

Undercover test: INSCYDs Power-Performance Decoder versus lab gold standard

Advertising claims are often designed to make more out of products than they actually are. INSCYD’s Power-Performance Decoder (PPD) software doesn’t have a claim. Instead of making bold promises we’d rather have our customers try out PPD themselves. This is the story of someone who went forth to test the accuracy of this unique system - undercover.

For maximum performance: Belgian Cycling partners with INSCYD on a long-term cooperation

“With this partnership, we take another step into the process to aim for the best support our athletes can get. We noticed that a lot of the rider’s personal coaches worked with INSCYD already, so last year we started a pilot phase in the federation to get to know the software better. This trail period showed us that INSCYD is another piece of the puzzle in the performance support of the riders, so we are really excited about this partnership!” says Frederik Broché, Technical Director of Belgian Cycling.