INSCYD Functions

Training Zones

Specific training recommendations - to specific training adaptations

Your current default training zones may be based on fixed percentages of an FTP, a lactate threshold, a VO2max or a personal record. Why is this common practice? Because of the lack of comprehensive performance data. INSCYD training zones are not only based on fixed percentages of one and the same metric, but on the actual metabolic system you want to train.

  • Eight sophisticated default training zones, each one based on a specific, evidence based algorithm instead of a fixed percentage.
  • Includes FatMax zone: the intensity at which fat combustion is highest.
  • Unique lactate shuttling intensities: intensities to train lactate combustion and production.
  • Total energy consumption and fat and carbohydrate contribution for each endurance training zones.
  • Edit each existing zone as you prefer.
  • Add up to five customised training zones.