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Carbohydrate Combustion


Knowing how much carbohydrates your athlete burns at any given intensity, enables you to:

  1. Create highly individual fueling (nutrition) plans for training and racing: never “bonk” again!
  2. Create a pacing plan for endurance events like a marathon or long distance bike ride. Predict race results and never go too fast too early! 
  3. Create training camps based on energy availability over time: prevent overtraining!

Be precise with your data

Conventional assessment of carbohydrate combustion based solely on gas analyses has many limitations. Not only is it lab-based, but it is easily affected by acute nutrition status. Scientific research has shown that neglecting lactate measurements when assessing carbohydrate combustion from gas exchange data alone is misleading.

INSCYD adds lactate production to the assessment of carbohydrate combustion. The only way to produce lactate is by using carbohydrates, thus lactate production is directly linked to carbohydrate combustion. 

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