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Learn more about VLamax, the glycolytic power, how FatMax influences results in endurance sports and how to recover fast from high lactate accumulation.

Together with former professional cyclist and INSCYD user Peter Pouly, we talk about the future of cycling training and how that affects endurance

Many labs and coaches use lactate threshold graphs to measure progress in their athletes. However, when analyzing a lactate threshold chart, it’s

Join Sebastian Weber, Founder of INSCYD and esteemed coach, alongside Philipp Seipp, trailblazing coach, as they impart invaluable knowledge on leveraging state-of-the-art

Polarized training began as an observation of how elite endurance athletes train: 80% at low intensity, 20% at high intensity. But is

Olympic mountain biking coach Filip François reveals his coaching structure, which leads to proven top performance and coaching business success. When I started my

Lactate threshold 1 (LT1) – also known as the aerobic threshold – is the little brother of LT2 or anaerobic threshold. LT1

Many performance labs and coaches determine the anaerobic threshold based on a lactate concentration of 4 mmol/l during an incremental test. This

AI in sports has become a hot topic, with many coaches concerned about the impact of advanced technologies like ChatGPT on coaching.

The Norwegian Training Method is gaining attention after the success of Gustav Iden and Kristian Blummenfelt in triathlon. In this blog post,

If you’re looking to run your best 5K race, National and State Champion coach Benjamin Tilus has a secret recipe for both beginners and

As a sports performance coach, you’re well-versed in creating training plans and guiding your athletes to success. However, are you providing them

One-man coach Toll Tollmahawk more than doubled his athlete coaching and testing business in just 4 months. In this article he shares how he

Improving running economy is probably the most efficient way to shave off minutes from your 10k or (half) marathon time. At the

Werden ChatGPT und andere KI-Tools den menschliche Coach ersetzen? Hier sind 3 Möglichkeiten, wie man neue, innovative Technologien nutzen kann und sich

Interval training is a highly effective way to improve your athlete’s performance, enabling to train at intensities that are too high to

Are you looking for a way to boost your performance as a coach or athlete? Then you need to consider performance testing.

In this post you learn 5 actionable steps to create a nutrition plan for training and racing. In fact, this is the exact

Watch the webinar where Sebastian Weber, who is the project leader of INSCYD will share insights on effective but uncommon strategies to increase triathlon performance. Learn how

Improving your VO2max or increasing your threshold is a time consuming process that we talk about all the time.  Not this time. 

This article talks about the differences between a training platform like TrainingPeaks and INSCYD performance software. We also show how teams like

Join Elliot Lipski, Performance Manager of Alpecin-Deceuninck and Plantur-Pura, and find out how a professional team prepares for key races. Temporary deal:

This case study is about an 800 meter National Swimmer who is not able to keep up with her teammate during training

This case study is about a National Cross-Country (XC) Skier who is not able to keep up with his teammate during training

INSCYD users have a clear advantage over their opponents who still work with conventional performance diagnostics. To make the most out of

Join CANYON//SRAM Racing rider, Ella Harris, and the team’s performance coach, Stephen Gallagher from Dig Deep Coaching, for a dive into the

Lift heavy is the number one tip that all female athletes in perimenopause and beyond can take on to stay strong and

Sind Sie sich nicht sicher, welche Software Sie zur Leistungsdiagnostik in Ihrem Labor verwenden sollen? Werfen Sie einen Blick auf diesen Vergleich

In this use case, coach and sport scientist Florian Heck shares how he and his runners benefit from combining INSCYD software with

In our previous article, we showed how to find out whether your runner should increase or decrease VLamax. Now it’s time to

Not sure which software to use for analyzing lactate tests in your human performance lab? Checkout this comparison between Mesics (LC lactate)

With the arrival of affordable running power meters like Stryd, power has become an important metric in running over the past years.

In our previous article about Why the best track and field running coaches look beyond VO2max, we talked about the importance of

Body composition in performance testing: stop ignoring it When expressing VO2max in oxygen uptake per kg bodyweight, or FTP in watts per

In this podcast, Colby Pearce and Sebastian Weber talk about the magic of cycling: having a strong aerobic metabolism that burns the

Are you still using Jack Daniels’ running formula to determine athlete VO2? Are VO2max and anaerobic threshold the only metrics that you

Salenstein, Switzerland / Leipzig, Germany. July 7th, 2022 INSCYD and CANYON//SRAM have signed a partnership agreement. INSCYD becomes the official performance software

There are many reasons why endurance athletes should want to increase their fat combustion. Riding many hours at FatMax (intensity at which

Here’s how to increase your fat combustion, be less dependent on precious carbohydrates and sustain a higher exercise intensity for a longer

James (39) is self-employed, working long hours and having to fit training in around his demanding physical job. His results had plateaued

From 7-Eleven to Motorola to Saturn to INSCYD. Norman Alvis – retired Pro, multi-national champion and world record holder – has turned

Want to reduce your VLamax so you burn less carbohydrates and increase your anaerobic threshold? Here are 5 training tips on how

Christoph Strasser broke the world record for 24h non drafting by riding 1026 km. His INSCYD coach Markus Kinzlbauer shares what it

When you want to go fast, you need carbohydrates as a fuel. Once you start running out of carbs, you’ll automatically slow down ...

In this webinar, we share which performance metrics make the difference in swimming, how you can measure those and how you put

This article covers everything you need to know about the INSCYD testing protocols, test results, testing cost and many more. Let’s start

We are happy to announce that from now on, heart rate is integrated into our training zones. That means you can now

Want to become a pro in taking blood samples for lactate testing? Start the e-learning: The complete guide to taking valid lactate samples.

Lactate testing becomes increasingly interesting once you understand the full mechanism behind it. Fortunately, more and more coaches and athletes understand what lactate is NOT: a waste product. Now it’s time to make sure you fully understand what it is!

In this blog, Sport Scientist Dylan Lindsey shares how he coached Sarah Gigante towards the National TT Championships. He specifically dives into

In this webinar, we share the story of Ryan Mullen turning his season around. After performing an INSCYD test he changed his

In this blog, Certified Sports Nutritionist Coach Sofi Marin (INSCYD user since 2017) explains how she translates INSCYD data into specific nutrition

The way training zones are determined and used hasn’t changed for decades, as if nothing happened in sport science lately. It’s time

This webinar is about Training Zones and the new INSCYD Training Zone Builder (part 2). Watch the webinar: Agenda timestamps: [01:00] Creating

This webinar is about Training Zones and the new INSCYD Training Zone Builder (part 1). Watch the webinar: Agenda timestamps: [02:55] What

“While everyone is obsessed with power data, INSCYD enables me to go beyond the superficial and understand my body better.” Cyclocross professional

With an INSCYD performance projection, you can show your athletes exactly how much their FTP (or any other parameter) changes when they

Are you still using training zones based on a percentage of FTP, Anaerobic threshold or fixed lactate concentrations? Do you get the

Velocity is a new performance-driven indoor cycling app that is designed to make cyclists faster by customizing their training to their physiology.

INSCYD is the most advanced software tool to analyze physiological performance in athletes. INSCYD enables coaches to create highly individual and laser

One year after becoming the very first athlete of the German Swimming Federation to use INSCYD, Florian Wellbrock now is the very When Mika Luoto – coaching monitor of the Finnish Triathlon Association – heard about INSCYD years ago, he was very skeptical.

Whether you are an athlete, a coach, a national federation or a lab: starting to use INSCYD is easy and affordable. In

The Belgian Triathlon Team Mixed Relay won the Olympic qualifier in Lisbon. As a result, they will compete in the Tokyo Olympics

Muscle Glycogen and Exercise: all you need to know Glycogen is the most important energy substrate during exercise, especially at higher intensities.

How often should you do an exercise test? And maybe even more important: when should you do such a sports performance physiology

INSCYD’er and short distance runner Vanessa Scaunet during the European Championships Indoor, Torun 2021. More and more running coaches use INSCYD to

Sebastian Weber reently gave 2-day workshop in Munich about Energy metabolism diagnostics – and how to apply it in training. In attendance

As the INSCYD community grows, so does our team. We are happy to welcome track and field sprint expert, Brijesh Lawrence OLY.

Chris Case and Trevor Connor of Fast Talk Laboratories performing an INSCYD test Salenstein, Switzerland / Boulder, Colorado, USA At INSCYD we

Just because INSCYD is well accepted in cycling – with partners like Team Jumbo Visma, Movistar and Alpecin-Fenix – doesn’t mean INSCYD

Cyclocross heroes seem to dominate in road cycling. How do cyclists like Thomas Pidcock, Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel

Power vs. Duration respectively Speed vs. Duration analysis has a long history in sport science.Power-Duration relationships have become very popular and also

Power output recorded in training and racing isn’t separated from the physiology of the athlete. In fact, the power output one sees

In this partner webinar with Azum, Sebastian Weber talks about creating efficient and effective training plans. Theoretical basics are linked with application

Can you compare indoor lab tests with outdoor field test? The comprehensive results of a complete physiological assessment can help you to

Since august 2020 we proudly work together with Eden Reforestation Projects. For every INSCYD test sold, we plant a tree! By doing so, we try to support the re-forestation of our planet. We are happy to announce we planted over 2500 trees since we started this collaboration.

In the previous blog we talked about the importance of knowing fundamental running metrics like VO2max, VLamax, Fat combustion and Carbohydrate combustion.

It almost looks like a new running metric is introduced every day. This makes it easy to lose sight on the metrics

Diagnostics national coach Alexander Törpel (m.) works with fellow coaches Norbert Warnatzsch (l.) and Bernd Berkhahn (r.) at the Magdeburg federal base

Some of our technologies seem so ground-breaking, that it might seem too good to be true. Questions we often hear are: “how

Salenstein, Switzerland./ Colorado Sprints, USA January 12th, 2021. Two of the most innovative and best performing companies have joined forces. The coaching

Exercise Physiologist Tero Joutsen, PhD, rideson the treadmill during a 30min constant load test – the gold standard for validation of the

Salenstein, Switzerland. June 3rd 2020 . INSCYD and Belgian Cycling have just signed four-year cooperation agreement. This partnership includes all divisions of the

FatMax: definition, training (zone) and exercise test Whether you like cycling, running or any other endurance exercise: knowing your FatMax zone will

Lactate accumulation & recovery Accumulation of lactate is associated with fatigue and time to exhaustion during hard exercise.  The time an athlete

In this webinar we show how to measure the energy cost at a given swimming speed, using simple testing in the pool.

Leistungsdiagnostik 4.0 Wir wollen in allen Bereichen des Trainings auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik sein. Wenn es aber um die Ausdauerleistung

1) The metabolic origin of the anaerobic threshold. It is one of sports most used terms when it comes to endurance performance

This webinar will teach you how to use a holistic approach, utilising biomechanics, aerodynamics, training and nutrition to tremendously increase the performance

Dan Lorang talks about how he uses metabolic data of his athletes to create more efficient training programs: Performance Management at Team

Mathieu Heijboer – Head of Performance at World Tour Cycling Team Jumbo-Visma is presenting on how he used INSCYD metabolic profiling to

In this webinar we are going to take a close look at using anaerobic threshold / FTP for prescribing training intensities. What

Salim Mohammned getting an INSCYD test done by Jo Spindler Hard work will always beat talent (if talent is not trained). But

Henrik Kraglund on his way to break the 7-hour mark at La Marmotte 2019 There are several badges of honour in the

Want to race or run super long races, like the Race Across America, Cape Epic, Dirty Kanza or the Transcontinental? We’ve got

When Eliud Kipchoge crossed the finish line at the INEOS 1:59 Challenge in Vienna, he not only completed a marathon in under

Whether you’re considering becoming a coach or are already an experienced coach, we honestly can’t imagine a better way to test our

You can have a VO2max well above 70ml/min/kg, but still perform below expectations. You could even find yourself having a low anaerobic

Salenstein, Switzerland. September 26th. INSCYD — the world’s most advanced software for performance analysis — has signed a three -year contract with the

(Tägerwilen, Switzerland, 2nd September 2019) –Double Olympian Brendan Reilly joins INSCYD to develop partnerships with coaches and athletes worldwide INSCYD — the

(Tägerwilen, Switzerland, 8 March 2019) – INSCYD, the world’s most advanced software for performance analysis, and SEG Racing Academy partnered up for

Although running, cycling, triathlon – and the majority of other sports – are still performed outdoors, indoor training and (remote) indoor testing

Iceland is often associated with geysers, volcanoes, cold water and a generally hostile landscape. Although it’s an island, you hardly think of

Because of the relatively short duration of swim races, the anaerobic energy production plays a huge and significant role. It therefore makes

Sometimes you need that extra advantage to win against your competitors. Sometimes you want to teach your team the intricacy of human

How many times have you looked at your power meter or heart rate monitor and wondered if you were going too far

Carbohydrate and fat combustion rates are among the most important features INSCYD can offer for runners, triathletes, and cyclists. Here’s why: While

You’ve been told you need to train 15, 18 or even 20 hours a week to qualify for the Ironman World Championships. You’ve

You’ve been told you need to train 15, 18 or even 20 hours a week to qualify for the Ironman World Championships. You’ve

McCutchen going sub-5 and improving his Ironman bike split by more than 10 minutes in just 12 months Going sub-5 for the

Peter Sagen in Gent-Wevelgem 2018 The spring Classics season is already finished, a moment that always leaves cycling fans with a bit

Bernat Xamena after his sub-3h Marathon success Do you want to run a marathon in under three hours? Easy: you only need

UNDERSTANDING VO2MAX: WHAT IS, HOW TO TEST and measure it In the realm of endurance sports, understanding performance data and metrics is

VLamax: Elite Coaches Secret Weapon Are you a cyclist looking to sprint faster than Wout van Aert? Or a triathlete dreaming of

In this year’s Tour de France, INSCYD partner Alpecin-Deceuninck won the sprint on the Champs-Élysées with Jasper Philipsen. Here’s what it takes