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Too many runners are underperforming because they don’t know what they are capable of. In this article, we boost your confidence, by

Some refer to zone 3 training as sweet spot training while others call it the grey zone. This article reveals what zone

In the quest for Olympic glory, USA Triathlon’s Project Podium has partnered with INSCYD, a leader in exercise physiology analytics, to revolutionize

So you received your metabolic test report and now wonder what you should work on to improve performance? Here’s how to discover

Zone 4 training, also known as threshold training, is used by the world’s best triathletes and marathon runners. But the true training

A Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test is easy to perform, you only need a power meter. However, the insights you get from

Whether a VO2max of 50 is good depends on your age and gender. Moreover, while average VO2max values tell you something about

Peak and fade intervals are a key component in the training regimens of elite athletes. These Peak and Fade Intervals start at

Mountain biking is significantly different from road cycling – you can’t just use the same training prescription. Elite coach Janis Musins reveals

Zone 2 training is promoted as your go-to training intensity, whether you’re a professional athlete or simply looking for exercise health benefits.

Aya Sinay has raced as a triathlete in IRONMAN Kona (Hawaii) twice and has been a successful triathlete coach for over 10

Many INSCYD athletes and coaches qualified and prepared for IRONMAN Kona, Hawaii. In this article we bundle their tips and tricks. Spread

Over-under training is a type of interval training that alternates between intensities above the anaerobic threshold or FTP and those below it.

Scientists and coaches are openly questioning the importance of the most well-known performance metric in endurance sports – VO2max. This article answers

In collaboration with renowned coach Frank Pike, we share why and how recreational athletes and age groupers benefit from using INSCYD.  Spread

This webinar covers everything you need to know about swimming performance tests. From the test (protocol) itself, to the results and application.

VO2max intervals are a type of HIIT training that specifically aim to improve aerobic power (VO2max). Although many workouts increase VO2max aerobic

The last weeks prior to an important race event are crucial. Use the wrong training strategy, and all the hard work is

Join Benjamin Tilus, National Champion Coach and Founder of XLR8 Performance Lab, as he demystifies the art of race preparation with the

Olympian and former professional triathlete, Jean-Christophe Guinchard, shares his 35 years of experience in coaching. He is the co-founder of JC Sports

Are 40-20’s (40s ON 20s OFF) the best work to rest ratios in HIIT intervals? Or should you consider 30-30 Billat intervals?

Increasing VO2max can be easy at first, but becomes challenging when you already have a decent training history. In this article we

Tabata workouts, a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), are named after Dr. Izumi Tabata, who compared the effects of these intervals

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT is a popular training method among  athletes, including cyclists and runners, who want to make the most

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we’ll delve into the secrets behind Team Sportforum‘s success in the ‘Rad-Bundesliga’ opener in Schweigen. Guided

INSCYD is known for its partnerships with national federations and professional teams. However, small-scale (one-man) coaching businesses and their amateur athletes can

Join Sebastian Weber, Founder of INSCYD, and Reinout Van Schuylenbergh, an esteemed coach with over 30 years of experience in endurance sports,

Yes, power has advantages over speed and heart rate. But if you want to fully exploit its potential, you need to know

Team Sportforum has one mission: to become the best amateur cycling team in Germany. Head of Performance, Luke Derksen, shares how they use

Discover how to measure VO2max without visiting a professional lab, utilizing field tests, sports watches, or online calculators. This article explains different