INSCYD Functions

Performance Projection

Know the outcome before you start training

The most invaluable feature of INSCYD may well be the ability to accurately project the future performances of your athlete.

Make informed decisions on what to work on in training by precisely calculating the impact of a certain adaptation. Take the guess out of your training programs. Stop using a trial and error approach. Now you can predict the effects of a change in any performance metric on the overall performance of your athlete. Your athletes will have total confidence in your methods and they will see the benefits of certain trainings on their performance. 

How it works

Run a performance test (in any lab or on field) and upload the results on INSCYD.

  1. Run a performance test (in any lab or on field) and upload the results on INSCYD.
  2. Retrieve the full set of results and physiological performance metrics of your athlete. Identify the metric which relates the best to the chosen race performance. This may be: maximal fat combustion, anaerobic threshold or speed or power at the maximum lactate level your athlete can achieve. 
  3. Afterwards manipulate any physiological metric of your athlete: body composition, aerobic power, glycolytic power, oxygen kinetics. Re-run the test in order to model the potential outcome that these changes will produce.
  4. Identify the smallest differences in real versus virtual performance by plotting both tests in the same graph.

Stop worrying about protocols - Start to measure what you really care about

Now you can truly understand the precise impact that your training will have on an athlete in the future. Prescribe workouts with confidence, knowing that your methods will have the desired impact on their performance.