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VO2max – Aerobic Power

From a 400m race to an IRONMAN triathlon, the aerobic capacity – or VO2max – is the most important measure of performance.

The most sought-after performance metric is available for you

By default, VO2max is monitored during each test you perform using INSCYD. Whether that’s a lab test, a lactate test, or a power/GPS only test. Therefore you can:

  • Monitor VO2max where it matters: in the field, in the pool, on the road.
  • Get VO2max from critical power or lactate tests – no lab required!
  • With accuracy similar to a lab test – even if you don’t have a lab!
  • INSCYD is available for various sports such as swimming, where aerobic capacity seemed impossible to measure.

Schedule a personal demo and learn more about measuring VO2max with INSCYD:

Prof. Dr. Rodriguez from the INEFC Barcelona explains the meaning of VO2max.

INSCYD user Björn Geesmann – CEO of STAPS Europe’s most successful coaching and testing company – on his favorite workout to increase VO2max

Now that you can measure VO2max, make the most of it!

Measuring VO2max is not something new. But with INSCYD you can now see how VO2max interacts with running and training performance:


  • Understand the impact of VO2max on fat oxidation and carbohydrate combustion.
  • Explain the changes in anaerobic threshold power or fat burning observed in your athlete.
  • Compare the effect of high intensity interval training on endurance training on VO2max.
  • Assess the impact of specialised nutritional diets to further increase VO2max.
  • Make the best training decisions for your athletes.
How VO2max affects sports performance - explained

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