User area

We are proud to announce another update and another improvement to INSCYD:

The INSCYD Help Center.

So goodbye to the user area ( where you used to download templates, whitepapers and protocols – you will find all of this in new HelpCenter which is integrated into your personal INSCYD account.


How to get access to the Help Center ?

Step 1

When you login into your INSCYD account ( you will notice a new item in the top right section of the navbar – next to your avatar.

Click “Help Center”

Step 2

A window will pop up showing the details of your INSCYD account.

Here you need to enter a password for your Help Center account.

Please note:

– the password does not have to be the same as in INSCYD

– the password has be a minimum 6 characters

– the password my not be the same as your email

Step 3

After you have set your new password a new browser tab will open (UNLESS you have blocked pop ups in your browser. Please make sure that pop up blocker is disabled!).

Here you need to enter your email adress and password which you have just created.

Depending on your browser settings and if you check the box “Stay signed in” you will not be asked to repeat this step every time you want to enter the Help Center.

Click “Sign in”



You are now prompted to the Help Center.

As long as you don’t empty the cache of your browser you will get directed automatically to the Help Center when you click the button in the menu of your INSCYD account.

The Help Center contains many more information than the user-area did. You will find articles about the most common questions and tasks. You mal also submit a request to the helpdesk directly from the Help Center

Have a look around…