Test independent of conditions

Perform field tests independent of speed or power.

Aerobic vs anaerobic energy contribution

For each effort (e.g. 10km race) and time (e.g. halfway through an interval).

Combine ski techniques

During the test and learn more about your athlete’s ski economy.


Ski Webinar

During this webinar, we dive into the physiological (metabolic) performance determinants in XC skiing. We’ll learn which metrics to look for and how to assess them.

With INSCYD you can get these metrics via a lab test AND via a field test (independent of speed or power). This enables you to test in race conditions, and combine test results even though they took place in incomparable conditions.

We talk about (measuring) the aerobic energy contribution (VO2max), anaerobic energy contribution (VLamax), ski economy, and many more topics.

As always, we combine the latest (scientific) insights with practical applications.

Case study

Performance testing in XC skiing. This case study is about a National Cross-Country (XC) Skier who is not able to keep up with his teammate during training and racing. Field observations and conventional lactate measurements seem to indicate he needs to improve his aerobic energy system, but this turns out to be a false assumption.

Cross Country (XC) Skiing performance


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